Staying focused and productive while working can be a challenge, whether you’re alone, in a busy office or a co-working space – but all is not lost! There are plenty of tricks and tech that will help you to boost your productivity levels and hit that all-important deadline.


So if you’re struggling to stay on top, try some of these productivity tips to keep you on track.


List and prioritise

It’s easy to get distracted in a busy workspace, so hold yourself to account by creating a ‘stick-list’. Write down ALL the things you MUST get done before you call it a day and make sure you stick to it – every tick against an item feels like a win. Write another longer list for the whole week, in order of priority, and you’ll never miss a deadline.


Take a break

It may seem counter-intuitive, but having regular, set breaks enables you to zone in on a task without feeling overwhelmed, and gives your brain a chance to relax and re-focus. Try intense 15 or 20 minutes bursts of productivity, interspersed with 5 minute breaks. Don’t allow anything except working on one specific task during each burst, and no cheating by hopping onto social media.


Focussed engagement

Keep general socialising to a minimum except for lunchtimes, and instead, engage your co-workers or fellow freelancers in business talk. Seek opinions on a challenging project, offer skill-swaps or network a little if you like – it’s a great antidote for the insular-nature of solo working, while still bringing value to your business.


Reward yourself

Finding the will to be productive when faced with a particularly tricky task or an overwhelming workload can be hard, so try the milestone/reward approach. Whether it’s a fresh cup of coffee, a 10 minute fresh-air break, or a little tasty treat, drive yourself forward with a bit of temptation.


Productivity apps

There are loads of brilliant apps that are designed to improve productivity or simplify tame-wasting tasks. Evernote is a great example, giving you a place to keep lists, share project ideas/details and sync info between devices. Xero is another handy app for all your accounting, invoicing and financial analysis needs, and there are lots of others worth researching, such as Slack, Basecamp and Writeroom.

Take note of these tips (perhaps make it your first list!) and see if you can incorporate them into your day-to-day work routine. We’re certain they’ll make a real difference to your productivity and efficiency levels.

If you find working alone a little dull and fancy trying out these ideas in a co-working environment, give us a call on 01422 413035 and we’ll talk you through our services.


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