Our lovely Croft Myl is steeped in Yorkshire textile traditions. 

We believe it was originally used by tailor’s apprentice Lew Harris, who returned to England from the USA in 1919 and set up a small clothing manufacturing business in London which began trading under the name “L. Harris (Harella) Limited”. This operation moved to Halifax in the 1940s and took up residence at Croft Myl. 
It was a very successful business – the wider textile industry regarded it as one of the most enterprising firms in a highly competitive field, and Lew Harris himself was the one who initiated the trend for a wider range of sizes for women’s garments.
But change is inevitable, and with the demise of Harella, Croft Myl has seen incarnations as the home of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, and more recently following a £1M refurbishment as individual business units.

The building was bought by Vicky and Brian Nolan in 2015, who plan to run their own successful and fast growing electrical testing business from the premises, as well as developing the building for other businesses.

“It’s a really exciting project for us,” said Vicky, who has ambitious plans for the building. “We want to create the kind of business space at Croft Myl that we would have loved to find when we first set up our business nearly 10 years ago. 
We’re inviting companies both large and small to come and visit us and take a look at what could be done with the space to make it just perfect for them!”


If you’re interested in the Croft Myl redevelopment,
call Vicky on 01422 413035 or email Croft Myl to make an appointment to view.