With a record 80 companies born every hour in 2016 there has never been a bigger need for different ways of working. We designed Croft Myl as a space for the whole range of businesses – from a micro business needing the occasional desk to larger companies with permanent teams.


Our bright and vibrant co-working space continues to prove popular. Here’s a closer look at some of the potential reasons why.


Reasons to choose a co-working space over working at home

Whether it’s to get a break from sitting alone at a dining room table, or because you need to meet clients in a professional environment, the rise in co-working seems unstoppable.

In September 2015 the Harvard Business Review published an article revealing that people using co-working spaces report levels of thriving as, on average, 6 out of 7. This is at least a point higher than people working in traditional offices, which seemed to surprise the researchers.

Having seen the happy people who use our co-working space, we weren’t surprised in the least and there’s now plenty of evidence on the benefits of co-working with strangers.


1. Co-workers beat isolation and feel part of a community

If you only get to speak to other people at the corner shop or the school gates, spending just a day or two a week in a co-working space can help beat feelings of loneliness. And as co-workers are naturally bound together by a shared experience, they quickly form a community which supports and helps one another


2. Networking without networking

That same sense of community breeds collaboration opportunities with other like-minded freelancers and entrepreneurs. Regularly introducing yourself and explaining your business helps you hone your “pitch” without feeling like you’re under pressure to sell to someone


3. Higher productivity, better quality

Without the distractions of the washing pile or the few minutes of TV that magically turn into two hours you can get much more done. And being able to ask for views on your latest idea or project will undoubtedly result in a better-quality result, especially as the people you encounter (and their views) will be diverse and free from any norms you might find if you all worked at the same company


4. Flexibility

No one is checking what time you arrive, whether you go to the gym at lunchtime or how late you stay, so in a co-working space you’re free to manage your schedule to suit your working style


5. High-quality facilities and services you otherwise might not afford

A receptionist to greet clients, high-speed internet, a postal address and discounted rates on high-quality meeting rooms are all part of the package when you’re use the hot desks at Croft Myl. You’d usually have to rent an office to access most of these benefits, so co-working can be the perfect half-way house to get facilities without the bigger overheads of a dedicated office of your own


Croft Myl has a dedicated co-working space with 6 desks, complete with high-speed internet connection, reception facilities and meeting room rental of 2 hour per week inclusive. Our offices are all full with a waiting list for our shiny new loft conversion, which should be ready later in 2017, but we often have space in our hot-desking area from just £45/month. Why not give us a call and we can show you around?