27th November 2019

Why we should avoid eating at our Desks

We all know that eating lunch at your desk is not good for you, yet it is estimated that around 40% of office workers do it […]
17th July 2019

A necessary evil? How to network when you can’t stand networking

  You know as well as we do that networking is an essential part of your business. You know it can lead to greater insights, opportunities […]
10th July 2018

How to stay focused at work when it’s cracking flags

  With each new week seeming to bring another record-breaking temperature and even those of us here in Yorkshire feeling the benefits of warmer weather (moorland […]
7th June 2018
CM_How Nature Impacts_2

Nature’s impact on productivity

As our urban landscapes extend further into what used to be this green and pleasant land, it seems more and more people are losing their connection […]