We spend a considerable amount of our time inside, whether that’s at home or when we’re
at work. We decorate our homes in ways that make us feel comfortable, fit our lifestyles,
and reflect our personalities.

But when it comes to our places of work, we all too often spend our days in grey, drab and
uninspiring spaces. Shouldn’t the office, the space where we spend most of the day, feel
If you’ve been to Croft Myl or seen any of the pictures on our website you’ll know we’re big
fans of colour. Life’s too short to spend it forever looking at shades of magnolia!
To us, colour is as important as any interior design aspect, so here are some top tips on how
to use colour to the advantage of your business.


Calm and tranquil blues and greens
Take colours from the outdoors and nature as your inspiration, particularly blues and greens
for a truly cool, calm workspace. These colours are known to have a cooling and relaxing
effect, which also help to maintain focus (as long as you can avoid daydreaming about long
walks and picnics!)


Getting closer to nature will soon be taken in a new direction with our amazing roof garden.
The garden will give Croft Myl tenants a wonderful view across the city skyline and aims to
be a truly calming, inspiring space to think and take a break from screen time.


Stimulating and arousing oranges and reds
Intense and energetic colours can keep you sharp and alert. So step away from the coffee
machine and instead choose a vibrant orange for your entrance area or break-out space to
jump-start you into action. A vibrant red boardroom on the other hand may evoke too many
emotions and passions, so use it carefully to draw attention when needed.
Get the creative juices flowing with bright yellow hues
Think sunshine and vibrant yellows to stimulate creativity and optimism. If you are a team
of creatives that thrive on co-working then yellow will help to energise and stimulate


What does colour say about your business?
The design and colour of your office can really show off your brand personality, promote a
positive environment, and help to personalise spaces. It also gives you a chance to really
show off some exquisite interior design and styling!


When you take an office at Croft Myl we ask you what colour you’d like on a feature wall
and we also add a graphic of your logo to the door or window to help create a sense of
identity for your space.


We don’t do things like most serviced offices. You may have spotted some of our pictures on
Twitter showing work is well underway on our loft conversion and rooftop garden; we’re
even installing a slide that will take you quickly from the roof garden into the office space!
Watch this space for further updates.