We all know that eating lunch at your desk is not good for you, yet it is
estimated that around 40% of office workers do it anyway. It seems that a
large number of us just can’t resist sending a few extra emails during our
lunch break.

Although it sometimes feels like multi-tasking our way though lunch is the
only way to get through our huge workload, it can actually be bad for your
health, your stress levels and your productivity!

The human brain simply isn’t built for the extended hours of focus we so often
ask of it, and getting up from our desks is important for both mental and
physical health.

Sometimes we just need a good nudge to put ourselves first and take a break.
So this is us giving you a gentle shove!


Breathe Some Fresh Air
You may have noticed that after spending some time outside, you come back
indoors feeling brighter, happier and more ready to get back to work.
The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you will breathe, increasing your
serotonin levels (the happy hormone), consequently making you happier.
More oxygen also results in greater brain functioning, improving your
concentration skills and giving you more energy.
In addition, venturing outside can help you produce vitamin D (when the sun
make an appearance), which is an incredible mood booster.


√ Make use of our Rooftop Garden to get your daily dose of fresh air and Vitamin D.


Reduce Your Stress Levels
It’s no big secret that many of us often find work stressful, but eating lunch at
your desk can actually increase your stress levels. If you don’t take the time
you need to shut your brain off and rest you can end up feeling burnout and
fatigued which is not a great combination for a happy and productive work

environment. Taking some time away from work to relax can dramatically
increase your concentration and productivity; a little walk away from your desk
can also help boost your serotonin.


√ Pick yourself up and head down to Jamocha for a short break away from your desk.


Stay Healthy
Eating lunch at your desk means you’ll stay seated longer, and sitting for long
periods of time can increase your chances of heart disease, high blood
pressure, and high cholesterol. As well as the risk of longer-term health
problems, you could be seeing more short-term pain if you decide to eat lunch
at your desk. Staying seated longer while staring at your computer screen can
lead to tension in your muscles and sore joints.
Staying at your desk while eating can also lead to ‘mindless eating’, which can
cause people to overeat and/or eat the wrong foods.


√ Get on your feet and have a quick stretch; you can also have a walk around Croft Myl to get your body moving.


Find New Inspiration
While eating lunch may mean you get through a few extra emails, the
monotony of looking at the same four walls all day can also lead to a lack of
creativity and new ideas. Getting away from your desk can help re-charge
your batteries and stimulate new, creative ideas.

√ Why not try breaking out into our Garden Room on the ground floor to help get your brain juices flowing.


Get Social
Sitting alone at your desk all day can feel lonely and isolating, which can
have a big impact on your happiness and productivity. Stepping out of
your office and seeing people is a great way to break up the day, recharge
your batteries and reduce stress. Taking time away from work with friends

at lunch will allow you to come back feeling happier and more focused to
start the afternoon.


√ Plan to meet a friend and one of or many communal spots in the Myl and have a social lunch.


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