18th December 2017
Croft Myl interior HDR 037_8_9

Getting your small business into shape for 2018

Hasn’t this year flown? Suddenly we’re on the brink of a shiny new year, with all the blank-page promise that holds – new beginnings, maybe a […]
9th October 2017

Can the colour of your office impact on employee creativity?

    We spend a considerable amount of our time inside, whether that’s at home or when we’re at work. We decorate our homes in ways […]
20th July 2017

Boost your productivity levels with these 5 great tips

Staying focused and productive while working can be a challenge, whether you’re alone, in a busy office or a co-working space – but all is not […]
26th June 2017

The benefits of co-working spaces

With a record 80 companies born every hour in 2016 there has never been a bigger need for different ways of working. We designed Croft Myl […]