As our urban landscapes extend further into what used to be this green and pleasant land, it seems
more and more people are losing their connection to nature. One study revealed we spend 25% less
time in nature than 20 years ago.

If your commute takes you from built-up landscape to a city-centre office block and then home, you
might find yourself with limited access to trees swaying in the breeze or babbling brooks.
But if access to nature has a significant impact on productivity, surely we need to do what we can to
stay connected?

Is there really an impact?

A ten-year study by the University of Exeter found that people were 15% more productive when a
couple of house plants were added to the office.
Other studies have demonstrated an impact on short term memory – a brief walk through an
arboretum resulted in a group doing 20% better on a memory test after the stroll, while the group
who walked down a city street showed no improvement.
A third study found students who took exams in rooms with windows with a view of nature did
better than their peers in windowless classrooms.
It seems the evidence about the positive impact of nature is mounting, but what can you do to
harness it for yourself?



Practical steps to bring nature into your work life


Add pot plants to your office
Bring the outside inside with a selection of low maintenance indoor plants. We love peace
lilies because they are almost impossible to kill and produce beautiful flowers. Orchids also
look great but need sunlight and watering with mineral water, rather than tap water, to
keep them flowering

Get up on the roof!
Our new pent house offices will be complete in just a few months and the roof garden will
be available for all tenants at Croft Myl, so grab the papers you need to read and go up there
for some fresh air and sunshine (if the weather is being obliging!)


Have lunch in our garden room

Sometimes the weather just isn’t playing ball, so the next best thing is getting away from
your desk to our lovely garden room, complete with tea cup and saucer seating and cow

Go for a walk
It might only take you 20 minutes at lunchtime but getting outdoors, even if you eat your
lunch while walking, could be just the productivity boost you need
Our pent house offices have views across Halifax’s stunning skyline and direct access to the roof
garden. With just two spaces remaining, you could move in at the end of the summer and benefit
from a green view year-round. Give us a call on 01422 413035 for a tour around Halifax’s best new
offices with a view!