With more than half a million businesses started every year, a significant proportion are initially based at the owner’s home. Whether you work from your dining table, a corner of the living room or have renamed your spare bedroom “the office” your business may grow to a stage where you need to move out.

The warning signs you need an office

  1. Do you need to recruit someone? If so, you almost certainly can’t continue working from a home office
  2. Do you host lots of client meetings? As pleasant as a skinny hazelnut latte (or your drink of choice) is, if you may as well buy shares in Starbucks for the amount of time you spend there, it’s probably time to think about renting an office and having your meetings there instead
  3. Your garage/dining room/shed is now referred to as “the warehouse”. If stock is taking over your home, it’s probably a good time to invest in an office with enough storage to house everything you need
  4. Friend and family call round when you’re meant to be working, because they think you’ve just got a hobby, not a business. There’s nothing like having to get past a receptionist to create boundaries for people inadvertently stealing your working hours
  5. You can never switch off. With your work space within such easy reach it’s easy to feel like you’re always at work, sacrificing critical downtime that will keep you happy and healthy

The benefits of having an office

We could create a long list of the great things about having an office instead of working at home, but instead we talked to someone who has done just that. Illustrator and wedding stationery designer Julia Eastwood moved into Croft Myl in March and hasn’t looked back. She explains how she’s benefitted since having an office space:

“I started my business working from our back bedroom and then moved to the spare room at my dad’s house when we had my little girl. But I always felt guilty – guilty for not spending time with my daughter, guilty for not being at home doing chores, guilty for not being at work and guilty for leaving my dad’s spare bedroom with paint and materials everywhere!

“Renting an office means I now have “work hours” and “home hours” and can be happy (and guilt-free!) as I have dedicated time for everything.

“My confidence has also increased since taking an office. I was proud to have meetings with a new client recently, something I wouldn’t have been keen to do before. I have more confidence to charge what I’m worth and have said no for the first time to work which was either too short notice or underpriced.

“I didn’t think I could afford an office, but now I’d not be without one. Croft Myl’s tenancy at will model definitely gave me the push I needed as I wasn’t risking six months of rent payments if it didn’t work out.

“It has helped customers and suppliers take me more seriously and also convinced friends and family that I am actually running a serious business, not just indulging my hobby.”

Are you ready to make the move to serviced offices?

Croft Myl offers a wide variety of serviced office spaces, from small enough for just two people to large enough for 50. We’ll take you through all of the things you need to know – from managing business rates to the practical stuff like insurance.  

And if you’re not quite ready to make the step yet, why not take advantage of our flexible meeting room hire and virtual office solutions? We can answer your calls, receive your post and be the home for your meetings without people realising you still run your business from your spare bedroom!

Give us a call on 01422 413035 to find out more or to book a tour of the building.