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Getting the interior design right for Croft Myl was one of our biggest challenges. But we had a secret weapon!

You might not know that our Director Vicky Nolan was a graphic designer in a previous life. She worked with our branding agency, AllGood, to come up with the vibrant décor the building now benefits from. If we had to describe the style of the building we’d call it urban quirky.

It will always be a work-in-progress, but here are some of the reasons and inspiration behind the bold choices we have made.


Everything else was magnolia

All of our previous offices and every other location we looked at were filled with magnolia boxes they liked to call office suites. There was no personality, no warmth and nothing to make them stand out. We decided early on that we would run as far away as possible from that as a design concept.


Creating the right kinds of spaces

Sick of eating lunch at our desks, one of the top priorities was a break-out room for people to feel like they were having a break. We wanted to bring the outside inside in this room, and so the garden room concept was born, complete with tea-cup chairs and a vibrant mural on the wall.

Meeting spaces were also really important – whether that was for seeing clients or having confidential discussions. But we wanted them to be inspiring, so challenged AllGood to come up with slogans to put on the walls and went for strong colour combinations. Our favourite? Get your brain juices flowing.


Generating a sense of ownership

For each of our tenants we offer to paint a wall in their choice of colour and produce a vinyl of their logo to put on it. We want them to feel like part of the Croft Myl family, and to adopt the office as their own instead of feeling like “just a tenant”. (It also helps us combat that magnolia feeling).

We hope this also contributes to our offices being more than just a place to work, but a stimulating place to come and be at your best.


Continuity throughout

We took our concept of colour right through the building, with daffodil yellow fridges, purple kettles and vivid furniture. Things are hard-wearing too – we opted for concrete kitchens!

When you think of an old mill building it’s easy to conjure images of boring grey rooms, stone walls and a general gloom. We were aiming for the opposite of that. We also love using the graphic shapes our designers have created on walls, floors and doors throughout the building.


Next stop – roof garden and a slide!

If you’ve always wanted to work in a building with a slide, now’s your chance. We have secured planning permission to develop the top floor of the building – around another 9,000 square feet plus a 3,000 square foot roof garden. We’re planning to install a slide from the roof terrace to the loft offices – Google eat your heart out!

We already have tenants on a waiting list for the new spaces, which should be ready later this year, so if you’re interested, get in touch to have a detailed chat by calling 01422 413035.