Here at Croft Myl we know that running a small business is very different to being ‘employed’.  Not least because there’s an exciting new world of flexible working on offer – no one need ever know you if you’re logged on in your kitchen in your PJs or writing a report at 2am. 

Where you work is just as important as how you work though, and we think there’s real benefit in creating some work/life boundaries to protect your own wellbeing.  In fact, setting yourself up in flexible shared workspace is actually great for your health as well as your productivity!  Here’s some food for thought:


Location, location, location.

The novelty of logging on at will from your home office/kitchen/local coffee shop soon wears off and you need a comfortable, safe environment in which to grow your empire.  Things like desk space, seating, lighting and decent internet speeds are all important to aid your productivity levels as well as your health.  At Croft Myl we’ve got this covered and more; be creative in our garden room, take a break chatting to others in our co-working space or grab a coffee and recharge in one of our modern kitchens. 


The art of conversation

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and as many of us know, working for yourself can be a lonely place.  We’re social creatures and shared-office working allows you to be this on your own terms.  Whether you hot-desk with other like-minded folk or have your own office space, you have a network on tap to support you when you ask for it, even if it’s just a quick gossip about last night’s TV over a brew.


Productivity breeds happiness

According to BM Magazine, 86% of people working in a shared workspace are more productive – who are we to argue?!  But seriously, this matters because positive levels of productivity lead to a sense of fulfilment and achievement and the endorphins these feelings release make you happy. 

How many times have you worked from home and ended the day on a low, wishing you hadn’t got distracted by housework, last night’s recorded TV or a Google wormhole.  By contrast, remember the feeling when you’ve smashed your ‘to do’ list or finished a big project because you were focused all day.  We want to give you more of these days in your ‘work’ time so that you go into your ‘life’ time a happier person.

Co-working, shared working space, somewhere to host a meeting – we are all of these things but we’re also a community.  We care about the people working in our space and their health and well-being matters to us. Whether that’s being super-flexible in the terms we offer or painting our walls in specific colours to calm the brain and encourage creativity, you’ll find it here.  So, give us a call on 01422 413035 and find out how you can be part of our community too!