It’s February and everywhere you turn there will be hearts and flowers inviting you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love.

But those of us who run our own business know we have more than one love in our life, so maybe now is the perfect time to go through a relationship re-boot with your business.

Here are three simple ways to fall back in love with what you do.



Once you’re in the midst of the everyday grind of running your business it’s easy to forget the excitement and drive you had at the start. If you keep a journal, go back to when your business was still a pipe-dream and read about what you were planning to help you remember why you were so excited.

Cast your mind back and think of the three main reasons you started your business. This will help you remember why you started, hopefully bringing back some of that initial enthusiasm and energy with it.


Reignite the passion

Many entrepreneurs and company owners started a business because they were passionate about something. Here at Croft Myl we’re passionate about creating an environment to help small businesses thrive. We show that in our creative décor, our flexible tenancies and by creating a wide variety of spaces that small businesses can use to help create a stable place to flourish.

What is it that you’re passionate about? You might find that your business is a vehicle that allows you to do the thing you’re passionate about, rather than being the thing itself. Maybe you wanted more time with your family or for hobbies, to travel more or to improve your lifestyle. It’s absolutely fine that a business is a means to an end, but remembering why you do it should help you maintain your enthusiasm.


Have a mini-break

As business owners we don’t have anyone nagging us to take our annual holiday allowance, so it’s easy to just keep on working because we’re busy or because we’re feeling the pressure of trying to generate work.  But when was the last time you stepped back from your business and gave yourself a break?

It’s not healthy to be always working and you will probably find that you have moments of clarity or brilliant ideas when you are doing something totally different.

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