Wright angle Marketing (WAM) has been around since 2001. In those 15 years we have been on quite a journey! Judith Wright started the company from her dining room where she stayed for 3 years. She then decided it was time to grow the company and move into an office so she packed up her desk and moved to Bowers Mill, renting out an office that was far bigger than she needed but gave her the capacity to grow.


We are now in a similar position again, after 12 years at Bowers Mill, it is now time for the business to spread her wings and find a new home. We are moving to a huge space at Croft Myl which, thanks to Vicky and the team at Croft Myl’s incredible vision and hard work over the last 6 months is a beautiful space that is going to give us a new lease of life and potential to develop and grow.


Over the years our vision and direction has changed several times, we’ve had up’s and down’s but ultimately we have weathered the storms and aim to go to Croft Myl better and stronger than ever. Despite the business varying over the years, the underlying goal and passion has always been the same.


While we aren’t hung up on titles our main focus is on H2H, ‘Human 2 Human’, because that acknowledges the importance of human connection.  We care passionately about how we connect and build relationships with our clients. Then in turn we help our clients to build relationships with their clients and customers.


Over the years we’ve worked and continue to work with some amazing clients and we have enjoyed seeing their businesses flourish. It’s simple really, we work with you, not for you, and as far as our clients say “You get me, you listen, you are part of our team”, which is great to hear!


We work closely with our clients to create original concepts to help them grow their business in the most imaginative ways, taking simple ideas and giving them a twist to produce a more innovative solution. We tailor every aspect of how we work including which marketing mediums we use, what platforms we use to promote, how involved we are in the process to ensure a successful and bespoke journey for the client.